Dulce worlds frequently questioned answers.

The durability of our product is similar to or even stronger than conventional plastics.

Even so, you must not bend or tread it on purpose.

Yes. Since we do not perform any post-processing after the product is produced, no harmful substances are detected between various scratches that occur during use. Besides, we have completely blocked the possibility of any risk by selecting the property of recycling rather than biodegradation.

Dulce's product is made from an eco-friendly material "Green-PE", so it may be challenging to remove greases. In this case, just soak it in water mixed with baking soda for 10 minutes and wash them to clean. We recommend using the dishwasher.

The Dulce 100% Sugarcane dinnerware is only made of sugarcane as a key material and not mixed with oil-based plastic for safe use for your children even if it is exposed to heat. You can microwave food for your children with no worries. Keep your children safe from danger.

Of course.

Because it is an eco-friendly material, it is the safest plastic with no detection of harmful substances including environmental hormones.

There is no deformation of the product at heat-proof temperature 248°F to -4 (Fahrenheit) and 120°C to -20 (Celsius).

This sugarcane material provides convenience to our customers by complementing the shortcomings of eco-friendly materials that are weak against heat resistance.

We use just a little pigment besides sugar cane for producing the products with a bright and colorful look that children love so much. No worries. All the pigments that we use were inspected for a BPA test by inspectors and confirmed to 100% BPA Free.

Please see the Green-pe on category. You can find detailed information.

Our products do not contain petroleum-based plastics such as melamine or polypropylene and use only 100% plant materials, and we stick to use only raw materials that have obtained Korea's first eco-friendly certification and USDA certification from the United States Department of Agriculture. In particular, the USDA certification is a biomaterial-based certification that only 5,000 products have acquired worldwide with strict acquisition standards.

1. Every conventional plastic material is produced from petrochemicals. The Petroleum resources in the Earth are finite, and climate change caused by carbon produced in the process of product production and incineration leads to ozone depletion. We research and develop children's products using nature-friendly sugarcane materials, no longer petrochemicals, to hand over the safer and cleaner Earth to our children.

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